EarFit Precise Clearance

EarFit Precise Clearance

EarFit Precise Clearance is designed for professional use in recording, editing, or mastering. These in-ear monitors provide transparent and natural sound for accurate and precise results. The three-way crossover and finely tuned drivers for bass, mid, and treble provide a powerful and balanced sound across all frequency ranges, allowing you to hear every detail of your audio with a sound pressure level of up to 120 dB.


Our 4 Driver Balanced Armature drivers offer an exceptional listening experience with its compact design and high power output. It provides balanced and powerful sound in all frequency ranges. It can produce a sound up to 120 dB, depending on the music platform it is used with, making it perfect for musicians and audiophiles who demand the highest level of sound quality. The 4 Driver Balanced Armature drivers is a great option for those who want to listen to music in a very high volume without any distortion.

Crystal Clear Audio Quality

EarFit Precise Clearance series is a set of headphones that have been specially calibrated for recording, editing, or mastering. These activities require a high level of sound clarity and accuracy, and the Precise Clearance headphones are designed to deliver this by providing rich and powerful sound across all frequency bands.

Superior Clarity with Powerful Sound Output

The Precise Clearance series, enhanced with 4 sound drivers, has been specially developed for you to be able to listen to the finest details.
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