Universal compatibility, superior sound

The EarFit Universal series is designed to provide a comfortable and ergonomic fit for a wide range of ear shapes and sizes. Using advanced acoustic technology, these headphones offer premium sound quality for all music lovers. We’ve examined hundreds of ear models to design an ergonomic and comfortable fit, and include three different sizes of replaceable silicone tips for an even more personalized fit.

Crystal Clear Sound for an Exceptional Listening Experience

The Universal Series headphones offer premium sound quality thanks to their advanced acoustic technology. The sound production is rich and clear across all frequency ranges, giving you the ability to hear every detail in your music, allowing you to rediscover your favorite songs like never before. With this technology, you’ll experience a new level of listening pleasure, no matter the genre of music you prefer.

Bluetooth Connection at Any Time You Want

With the EarFit Universal series, you have the flexibility to switch between wired and wireless connections. The headphones are equipped with MMCX connectors, which are a standard output and allow you to access thousands of alternative cables. Whether you’re working out or just on the go, you can easily switch to a Bluetooth cable for wireless listening. This allows you to customize your listening experience and achieve a higher level of sound quality.

Universal In Ear Monitors