First generation of Smart Audio Devices

EarFit AI Series

EarFit AI Series is a high-end product developed for professional use in challenging conditions. It combines advanced acoustic technology, 3D production techniques, and artificial intelligence to create a personalized headphone with active sound isolation. With the AI Series earphones, users can enjoy a customized fit, personalized design options, and active sound isolation that can provide more than 40 dB of protection in harsh conditions. The Tactical earphones are specifically designed to meet the needs of users in demanding environments and are powered by AI to adapt to these conditions.

Withstands Even the Toughest Environments

In addition to all our advanced acoustics and 3D production technology, AI Series is also equipped with artificial intelligence to adapt to the toughest environments. As a result, it is the first Custom Earphone with active noise cancellation in the world. Our AI Series earphones, the most advanced version of customization, are tailored to each individual user, offering not just custom body and design options, but also active sound isolation. With the AI software and programs we have developed, we are able to provide more than 40 dB of protection.

Powered with AI

With the use of cutting-edge acoustic and 3D production technologies, the AI Series is designed to handle even the toughest of conditions. Using advanced artificial intelligence, it actively isolates sound to provide unparalleled protection in any environment, making it the world’s first of its kind.

Built for the Toughest Conditions

Our AI Series In Ear Monitors are designed for use in the most challenging environments, with special technologies that cater to the acoustic needs of professional users. With advanced 3D production techniques and artificial intelligence, we’ve created the world’s custom-made earphone with active sound isolation. Customizable body and design options, as well as personalized sound isolation, make AI Series the ultimate solution for those working in extreme conditions.