Discover the Power of Custom Fit

With our Custom Earphone options, we offer unmatched musical enjoyment and exceptional comfort. Our technical features and state-of-the-art 3D production open up to you unique worlds of sound. 

Custom In Ear Monitor

Custom In Ear Monitors, also known as CIEMs, are earphones that are designed and produced specifically for the individual user’s ear shape. Custom In Ear Monitors are known for their exceptional comfort and sound quality, as they fit perfectly and seal the ear canal, allowing for superior noise isolation and sound reproduction. They are often used by musicians, audio engineers, and audiophiles who demand the highest level of sound quality and comfort.

Our advanced acoustic technology and 3D production methods offer a unique sound experience that can’t be found with traditional headphones. With metal options like gold, silver, and titanium, our custom in-ear monitors are made with the same attention to detail as high-end jewelry.

Much More Than
Just an Earphone.


We offer a truly personalized listening experience with our custom-made In Ear Monitors. Each pair is specially crafted using 3D printing technology to fit your unique ear shape and provide maximum comfort.

High Quality Sound

Experience your favorite music like never before with the help of our multiple sound drivers. Our technology allows you to hear even the most subtle details in your music, making it a truly immersive listening experience.

Perfect Fit

Thanks to the advanced technology of our manufacturing process and digital design, we can create a perfect fit for your ears.


EarFit also specializes in providing custom-made earmolds for hearing aids. These earmolds are tailored to the individual user’s ear shape and preferences, and are produced using advanced 3D printing technology and acoustic engineering techniques. The goal is to achieve maximum comfort and performance for the hearing aid user. EarFit offers a variety of options for their earmolds including different colors, shapes, and materials such as titanium. Their production process is supported by expert engineers and ISO certified subcontractors, and they offer a 100% guarantee for their earmolds.

EarFit’s AI series in-ear monitors are designed for heavy industrial use in harsh conditions. These earphones are powered by artificial intelligence which allows them to adapt to their environment, providing superior protection and comfort for the user. AI Series are built to withstand high sound levels and long-term use, making them ideal for use in industrial settings where traditional headphones may not be durable enough. The AI technology enables to provide active sound isolation and noise canceling, ensuring that the user is able to hear important audio cues while being protected from excessive noise levels. Additionally, the personalized production ensures that the headphones will fit comfortably, preventing discomfort even during prolonged use.


Years of Experience

High Precision
High Comfort
New Listening Experience

Our team of experienced engineers closely oversees every stage of production and we only work with subcontractors that meet ISO standards. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, we are able to achieve a level of precision of 0.025 mm in our products.

Expert Team

Our production processes are overseen by highly trained and experienced engineers who have been educated in both Europe and America.

Certified Production Facility

All of our production processes are conducted at our ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified facility that features the latest and most advanced technology equipment in the world.

Automated Processes

We have minimized human involvement in our production process and implemented advanced technologies to ensure a perfect fit in all EarFit products.

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