Production Flow

Custom production has a unique production flow in order to provide its unique features. As a result of this exceptional production flow, you will experience a unique experience. Each step of the production flow is carefully prepared and tested to improve your unique music experience.

Taking Ear Print

  • Since the ear structure is unique, we need a digital image of the ear structure in order to produce custom products.
  • Currently, there are no alternatives available besides special silicone materials to obtain an ear print.
  • Ear prints should be taken by specialist audiologists.
  • The special silicone materials that are inserted into the ear will show the negative of the ear structure within a few minutes.
  • This allows us to see the structure of the ear and produce a custom product.
  • When the ear prints are sent to us, they are scanned with 3D scanners and transferred to a computer environment. This allows us to obtain a digital image that we can use in our production process.
  • During all of our production stages, we use the ear print you send us as a reference. Therefore, make sure that your ear print is taken correctly.


  • The design phase is the step where the raw ear scan data is designed into a custom earpiece.
  • The digital image of the ear scan is designed according to parameters that have been used in thousands of productions and optimized through testing.
  • The designs made with the assistance of expert engineers will result in earpieces that can be used comfortably.
  • In addition, the acoustic design for maximizing performance from your earpiece will also be specially optimized for you.

3D Printing

  • The ear is a very complex and small structure.
  • In order for EarFit Custom In Ear Monitors to function at their highest efficiency, production must be carried out with high precision.
  • For this reason, earphones are produced in CE certified 3D printers using resins suitable for skin and mucous membrane contact.
  • The precision of these productions can reach up to 25 microns.
  • This way, an earphone body will be created that will match even the smallest detail on your ear.

Faceplate Design

  • We produce our EarFit Custom In Ear Monitors with “jewelry” care.
  • When you choose an original design cover, the covers of your earphones are made by experienced jeweler masters.
  • This way, a unique and aesthetic product like your jewelry will emerge.


  • After the production of your earphones is completed, our expert engineers and jeweler masters complete the assembly process through a joint work.
  • In the assembly stage, the earphone body produced by the engineers is combined with the earphone covers produced by the jeweler masters.
  • This way, your earphone, which brings together aesthetics and technology like a “jewel”, will emerge.