What is Custom In Ear Monitor?

What is Custom In Ear Monitors?

Despite having a unique structure like a fingerprint, standard earphones are developed based on the ideal ear structure in a certain area as a reference. It is not possible to develop a standard earphone geometry that will fit every ear structure. The mismatch between ear structure and earphone leads to comfort problems, difficulty in keeping the earphone in the ear, and the sound produced by the earphone being heard differently.

In custom earphones, each earphone is designed specifically for each user and a perfect fit is achieved. This way, an earphone is produced with a structure that will fit the ear perfectly at 100%. Thanks to its unique geometry, comfort problems disappear. Thanks to the design suitable for the ear structure, maximum acoustic performance is achieved and high sound isolation is achieved.

Thanks to the unique structure and offerings of custom earphones, you will experience a new usage experience.

Why do we need your ear print?

In order for custom production to be carried out, it is necessary to know the ear structure with its unique structure. In PRO level earphones, EarFit Custom In Ear Monitors require a deep earprint taken by an expert audiologist. In earphones developed for hobby use, deep ear canal is not required, so Mobile Scan is sufficient. There is no easy to access method for measuring the ear canal in the current technology other than taking an earprint and Mobile Scan.

Not an Earphone, but an "In Ear Monitor"

One of the most fundamental differences between EarFit Custom In Ear Monitors and standard earphones is the sound technology they use. In our In Ear Monitors, a different sound technology is used than in standard earphones. Natural sounds are produced with the sound drivers used. This way, you will feel like you are in the recording studio while listening to your music. You can discover details you did not notice before. In order to produce sound with this level of detail and precision, we bring together sound drivers that are specially produced to work in certain frequency ranges. Instead of using a single sound driver that will work in all frequency ranges, multiple drivers that work in certain ranges are used. As a result of all this impressive sound technology, you can experience a new listening experience.