Ear Print Guidelines

EarFit In-Ear Monitors are made unique by the custom-made production process, that is based on the ear impression you send us as a reference. Ear impressions should be taken by expert audiologists at hearing centers. The ear impression has a unique structure, similar to a fingerprint, and there is currently no more effective way to see the structure of the ear than by taking an ear impression.

All our production process will be carried out in accordance with the ear impression you send, so make sure that your audiologist follows the instructions below for taking the ear impression correctly. After your ear impression has been taken, please fill out the form below and send it to us together with your ear impression.

Download Ear Print Guidelines

After taking your ear print, send it to the address specified in the form along with your name, surname, delivery address, phone number, email address and order number by filling out the form completely.

1. Ear Print Length

EarFit In Ear Monitors are produced to fit all ear structures. Therefore, we need full concha ear prints from our users. The ear print should cover the helix, tragus, and anti-tragus.

2. Ear Print Material

The ear print should be taken using a hard ear print taking compound.

3. Ear Print Depth

The ear print should go up to the second bend of the ear canal and the user’s mouth should be open during the ear print taking process.

4. Things to do while taking the ear print:

The user should not move their jaw while the ear print taking compound hardens in their ear. To prevent the user from closing their mouth, something should be placed between their teeth during the ear print taking process. To ensure all of these are done correctly:

5. Send us your ear print:

After taking your ear print, you can send it to us along with the Product Sending Form to the address below. Sending your cargo tracking number along with your order number to [email protected] will speed up the logistics process. Production will begin as soon as your ear print reaches us. You can track the progress of your production process in the “My Orders” page in the user login.

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