User Guide

1. Safety

  • EarFit earphones are capable of producing sound up to 120 dB. To protect hearing, the volume of the device producing the sound should be lowered before the earphones are put on. It is recommended to increase the volume to a comfortable level for listening after the earphones have been put on.
  • EarFit earphones have a powerful output of up to 120 dB. Prolonged exposure to sound at this level can cause permanent hearing loss. To protect hearing, it is recommended to avoid listening to music at high volume for long periods of time.
  • If you feel pain or ringing in your ears while listening to music, remove the earphones immediately. Pain or ringing may indicate that your ear drum has been damaged. If you experience this, consult a doctor.
  • If you feel pain or ringing in your ears after removing the earphones, consult a doctor.
  • Avoid contact of earphones with liquid. If the earphones come into contact with liquid, do not use them for 48 hours.
  • If your earphones are damaged for any reason, do not touch or attempt to repair them.
  • EarFit earphones can be stored between -40°C and +63°C. The recommended operating temperature range is between -5°C and +45°C.
  • EarFit earphones can provide more than 30 dB of sound isolation. This may reduce awareness of the surroundings. Avoid using earphones in environments where traffic, vehicle use, city surroundings, or sensitivity to environmental sounds is necessary.
  • All EarFit Custom IEMs are produced in CE certified 3D printers with medical grade resins developed for long-term skin or mucous membrane contact applications. If you experience any abnormal skin condition while using your earphones, consult a doctor immediately.

2. Inserting

  • The EarFit Custom series earphones are different from standard earphones in terms of their geometry and the depth they reach in the ear.
  • Due to their custom production, the earphones are designed to completely cover the ear canal. Therefore, the process of putting on and taking off the earphones is different from that of standard earphones.
  • The process of putting on and taking off the earphones will become more practical over time. Remember that every ear is unique and the ideal movements for putting on and taking off the earphones may vary.
  • Approximately within a week, you will get used to the ideal way of putting on and taking off the earphones and will not face any difficulties.

a. Wearing

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b. Removing the IEM

3. Cable Usage

  • EarFit Custom IEMs are made with standard MMCX sockets.
  • MMCX is among the industry standards in the IEM world, so thousands of alternative cables can be accessed.
  • EarFit Custom IEMs are shipped with MMCX cables in the package.
  • Cables are covered by a limited 30-day warranty upon delivery.
  • MMCX sockets are integrally produced in the body of EarFit Custom IEMs, so push your cables into the MMCX output until you hear a “click” sound.