Adventure-proof audio

EarFit Adventure

In addition to its superior sound quality and extraordinary comfort, the EarFit Adventure series also comes equipped with a unique transparent mode feature. This allows you to hear the surrounding sounds while riding your motorcycle, ensuring that you remain aware of your environment at all times and providing an added layer of safety. The Adventure series is designed to fit under a helmet comfortably, with a small and lightweight design, they will not cause discomfort even on long journeys. They are also equipped with IP65 rating, protecting the internal components from dust and water. With their durable construction and sweat-proof design, they will be your loyal companion on all your adventures.

Adjustable Isolation Level

The EarFit Adventure series features an adjustable isolation level, which allows you to tailor the level of sound isolation to your specific needs. This allows you to safely listen to your music while still being aware of your surroundings, whether you’re in city traffic or on a long journey. The adjustable isolation feature also lets you customize the listening experience to your preference, you can enjoy the music with maximum isolation for long trips, or with transparent mode for city traffic. With EarFit Adventure, you can enjoy your journey with music and still being aware of the environment. It’s an optimal balance of superior sound quality, with safety and awareness in mind.

High Comfort even Inside the Helmet

With EarFit Adventure, the comfort is guaranteed. The custom production ensures a perfect fit, even inside a helmet. With the ability to fit your unique ear shape, you won’t experience any pain or discomfort while wearing it. The earphones are designed to provide high comfort level even when you are inside the helmet for long period of time. Additionally, the sound quality is superior, with detailed and clear sound distribution in every frequency range, you can fully enjoy your ride with music. The combination of comfort and sound quality will give you a new level of driving experience.

EarFit Adventure

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